Photo Contest – “Life of a Double Agent”

I am announcing a Photo Contest for photos of “Life of a Double Agent”. Please submit photos by attaching the photo file to an email and send the email to You may submit as many photos as you wish, but all photos must include in the photo the cover of “Life of a Double Agent”. If you do not have a paperback or hardcover copy of the book, you may use the cover as shown on your kindle or other ebook reader. If you do not have a copy of the book you can purchase a copy at The contest will run through October 31st, and results will be announced in November.

By submitting a photo for the contest you are agreeing that the author may use your photo on his blog or facebook or other websites of his choosing. If he wants to use the photo in print media he will contact you for your approval prior to publishing it in any print media.

Selection of winners of the photo contest will be determined by the author and will be based entirely on subjective criteria. His decisions will be final and not subject to challenge for any reason.

Depending on the number of submissions, at least three photos will be selected as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Prizes will be awarded for at least the top three photos selected.

Below is the first submission. Good luck. I look forward to receiving your photos.



About kkerr19963

Author who published his first book, "Life of a Double Agent" in 2013 and his second book, 'The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)' in May 2014
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