The Rave Reviews Book Club is an online book club of nearly 500 independent authors and readers. One of the programs sponsored by the book club is honoring an author as the SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR for one week. Part of that program is a blog tour featuring the honored author on several blog sites. I am honored today to be hosting the blog tour for SPORLIGHT AUTHOR, Kathryn Treat. Welcome, Kathryn.



Just Put Me in a Potato Sack

I was becoming more and more depressed at the fact that I had no nice clothes to Wear—or a need to wear them for that matter. In August (2004) I wrote, “I feel bad that I have no need for nice clothes. Hell, I could almost wear a potato sack I used to love to look nice—nice outfits with my jewelry, shoes, and hair done nicely and make-up on. Now I dress shabby, my hair is a mess, I don’t wear my pretty jewelry, I don’t wear any make-up—after all ‘WHO CARES?’ ‘WHO SEES ME?’ ‘WHERE DO I GO?’ ‘WHY DO I NEED TO LOOK NICE?’ As Rick says, ‘You will only end up throwing it out.’” I so needed to hear that it was okay to get things and if something happened and I had to toss it out, so be it. But I didn’t hear those {In my husband’s defense, we couldn’t afford to continue throwing clothes out because my medical bills were so large and we had no idea how much would be covered or if I would win my workers’ compensation claim.}

 The depression continued mounting. I wrote, “I want to try to work on my book. I want to toss and tear and shred right now! I want to DESTROY as my life has been DESTROYED. I want to blame everyone because they are doing what I cannot! I hate everyone because they are doing what I want to do.”


Losing all my belongings, foods, what I felt was my identity, having to quit my job and losing the ability to interact socially as I had once been able to do set me into a spiral of deep depression. I had been a very active person and was involved in community activities. Depression soon became my constant daily companion. It kept me up at night; it caused me to write such dire words in my journal in the middle of the night, and made me so very angry. I continued speaking with my therapist long distance in hopes that I could let go of the anger and hurt. I began embroidering again, I read voraciously (printer’s ink was the one chemical I did not seem to react to), I watched old movies from my past that I loved, and I continued to pray for strength, courage, and hope. Lastly, I decided that I couldn’t continue to allow myself to be the victim. Yes, I was injured at work. Yes, I lost so many things. But did I have to let this continue to destroy my life? I fervently began writing my book in hopes that putting my words to paper would help with my healing and hoping that someone else would benefit from my story. The result was “Allergic to Life: My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope”.


Allergic to Life can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Signed copies may be purchased at Kathryn’s website.

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Thank you Kathryn for a great blog post. You are a fabulous SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR.







28 Responses to RRBC SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR BLOG TOUR – 7/27/14

  1. Kathryn, I’m sure your book has been a great help to others suffering from the same condition. Thank you for hosting, Kenneth.


  2. harmonykentonline says:

    As with your other blog posts, Kathryn, this is raw honesty that is bound to help so many people in similar situations. Thank you for sharing. Kenneth, I love your blog, and thanks so much for hosting Kathryn today. Very best wishes to you both 🙂


  3. Thank you for hosting me on my Spotlight Author blog tour Kenneth. I appreciate your support.


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  6. jsherwin2013 says:

    Kenneth, Thank you for hosting Kathryn. Kathy: Thank you for sharing so much of your journey through depression to awareness that only you could decide who you were and how the rest of your life would be. You are an example to everyone who suffers from an unexplained illness as well as from MCS and EMF. Either the illness defines you, or you define yourself. So glad you chose to be you. Jennie


  7. Thanks, Kathryn, for writing your book and congratulations on your spotlight week.Thank you, Kenneth, for hosting Kathryn on your blog and for the many RRBC reviews that you do.


  8. johnapriest says:

    A great end to a great SPOTLIGHT week – well done Kathryn and a great feature Kenneth, thanks.


  9. Great post, shared! Also, I loved your book trailer Kathryn. Shared that as well. XO Bette


  10. Thanks for hosting Kenneth! Kathryn’s book is a very intriguing read!


  11. Hi Ken, thank you so much for hosting, Kathryn. And Kathryn, once again…congrats on your SPOTLIGHT Author nomination. You deserve it!


  12. lovely post
    great pumpkin


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