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I recently joined an online book club for indie authors. It is known as the Rave Reviews Book Club and can be accessed at I joined the Book Club on May 15 or 16. To remain a member in good standing I am required to read and review four books per year. When I joined, there were just over 400 members. In addition to reviewing books, the primary mission is the support and promote the members. They have an active Twitter program, and have a presence on Facebook and Goodreads. I am still learning all the ways they are involved in helping authors promote themselves and their books, and might add additional comments as appropriate. The purpose of this page is to post book reviews of the books I read and review through the Rave Reviews Book Club. I will also post reviews of my books that are done by other members of the Book Club. Hope you enjoy. Please comment if you have suggestions.

Book Review of ‘A Chronicle of Chaos (The Light and Shadow Chronicles Book 1)’ by D. M. Cain

5 Stars   A Fascinating YA Fantasy Novel

The Human Realm, demons from Hell, and angels from Heaven; The Children of Light and The Brotherhood of Shadow; The first Chronicle focuses on the character, Chaos. A Fantasy world where the classic struggle between good and evil takes on an interesting twist when a good human, Chaos, and an evil demon, Anathema, fall in love. Demons can’t feel love, they can only feel evil emotions, so what will happen when the evil demon Anathema experiences the emotion of love?

D.M. Cain has developed her own fantasy world and plans to write a series of books focusing on a different main character in each book. Humans populate her fantasy world, but they are different from the humans we know. The Human Realm is divided into two groups who battle for domination. The author has dropped the readers into her fantasy world where the conflict between the two major human groups changes when the Brotherhood of Shadow brings demons from Hell into the conflict. The demons can disguise themselves as humans and transform back and forth. The Children of Light counter with angels from heaven that can also disguise and transform.

D.M. Cain has a great imagination, and has written an outstanding first book in her Light and Shadow Chronicles Series. Her descriptions of the world and the inhabitants, including the demons and angels is very well done, and her writing style keeps the action moving at an enjoyable pace.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone who likes YA Fantasy.   12/9/14


Book Review of ‘Minions’ by Garrett Addison

4 Stars   Intriguing storyline

I often wonder where authors come up with ideas for their books. Garrett Addison has created a fascinating, intriguing story about a cast of characters who all seem to be troubled, in different ways, and “down on their luck”. Devlin, the main character has lost everything; all his friends, all his money, and then suddenly he is offered a well paying job at LastGasp as a Reader. He learns that LastGasp provides a service of sending messages, written by people before they die, and delivered to the recipients after the person dies. The company is obsessed with security and privacy regarding the content of the messages, the sender and the recipients. One of the Readers, David, commits suicide, and this sets in motion the intriguing story with many unexpected twists and turns. The story and the cast of characters kept me fascinated to learn where the story was headed. This is Garrett Addison’s first novel, and he can be proud of his first effort.    11/13/14


Book Review of ‘Fugue’ by J.P. Sitler

4 Stars   A Good Short Story

Nathan and Nuanie, childhood friends, re-connect as adults. They are each trying to deal with life while facing some deep emotional problems. This is an interesting short story with good character development. The story has some unexpected twists and turns.

If you are looking for a good short story, give this one a try.        11/6/14


Book Review of ‘Panama’ by C.S. Boyack

5 Stars   Great story idea, well executed

The time is 1903, Teddy Roosevelt is President, and the U.S. has begun construction of the Panama Canal. There is malaria, yellow fever, political strife in the area, and workers walking of the job and disappearing in the jungle with rumors of supernatural beings. President Roosevelt appoints two U.S. Marshalls to go to the Panama Canal region and look into the problems. Ethan can see spirits (ghosts) and sometimes talk to them, and Coop is into witchcraft and hoodoo (similar to voodoo).

C.S. Boyack has created a great story, with the result being a fascinating, enjoyable book that is very well written. His character development and descriptions of the scenes are extremely well done. It is an easy read and captures your attention almost immediately.

I give it five stars, and recommend this book to everyone. I think most people may be surprised at how much they enjoy this book.             10/26/14


Book Review of ‘Shadow of the Drill’ by Rhani D’Chae

4 Stars     Violence and Sex Thriller

Rhani D’Chae has written a very good, intriguing thriller about the seedy parts of society; strip clubs, prostitutes, and the enforcer. The story follows two lead characters, Rudy, a strip club owner, and Decker (the Drill), the enforcer. Both men experienced the brutal rape of a ten year old girl, Maria, by three men which left her alive but unable to talk and emotionally destroyed. For fifteen years Rudy and Decker plot their revenge against the three degenerates who committed the heinous act. Finally, they have their opportunity for revenge.

Rhani D’Chae produced a very well written book. The storyline is excellent. But the strength of the book is her descriptive character development and their relationships. All of the characters are flawed, but she makes them human. The book is full of violence, including torture, and lots of sex. The book is not for those with a weak stomach.

I recommend this book to all adults who enjoy a good story about revenge, violence and sex.       10/15/14


Book Review of ‘Pure Trash: The Story’ by Bette A. Stevens

5 Stars      Adorable Prequel

A Prequel or short story about two brothers, Shawn nine and Willie six, growing up dirt poor in the 1950s.

Bette Stevens does a great job of introducing the brothers through the narration of the older brother. Her descriptions are very well developed and their adventure of riding their bikes into town on a Saturday is very well written. It was a great teaser for the full novel to follow.

I strongly recommend this short story to children and adults. The story was very interesting to the reviewer because I could personally relate to growing up in a small town in the 1950s.                                                                                                                                                         10/8/14


Book Review of ‘Allergic to Life: My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope’ by Kathryn Chastain Treat

5 Star Review   Inspirational!

‘Allergic to Life’ is the true story of the author’s life threatening battles with medical problems that originated with her sensitivity to molds in the workplace when she worked as a secretary in her local school. The infections started in her sinuses, but eventually took over her entire body. Her descriptions of the pain and suffering she experienced from the allergic reactions is heart breaking. Over time she discovered that she was allergic to many foods, common fragrances, medicines, and many chemicals. She walks the reader through the labyrinth of doctors and medical facilities that examined, tested, and treated her, and she explains the numerous medical procedures and approaches used to try to control the problems as they evolved.

The author’s recall, assisted by her journals and medical records, is nothing short of amazing. She tells the story of despair and depression caused by continuous pain and suffering brought about by her sensitivities and reactions to almost everything. She also describes her multi-year battle for workman’s compensation, and the frustrations of dealing with the Social Security Administration.

She does a remarkable job of telling the story not only from a detailed medical perspective, but also including the emotional issues she dealt with during this decade long journey. She tells her story honestly and with courage, partially because she wants others to know about these environmentally triggered medical problems. She is a strong woman who miraculously found the courage to fight and fight and fight some more.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone. It has enormous educational value.                   9/21/14


Book Review of ‘Death of Eden: Outlaw’ by Emily Martens and Chelsey Hankins

5 Star Review   Magnificent Western/Southern Novel set in the 1860s

This is a must read novel. I had no idea what to expect when I started it, but I am really glad I read it. Set in Eden, Mississippi in the 1860s, it is a great story about outlaws, the town whorehouse, the Mayor’s family, the Sheriff and his son, the town Reverend, etc. Emily Martens and her co-writer have created a brilliant cast of characters and interwoven their personal stories of love, and tragedy, and conflicts, and more circumstances than most people could handle. The story is extremely well written, easy to read, fast paced, and full of suspense. I must not give anything away, but I love the ending.

I highly recommend this book to everyone.    9/15/14


Book Review of ‘When Darkness Breaks’ by Traci Sanders

4 Star Review      Dealing with tragedy

Drake and Amber meet, fall in love, get married and have two children, have a passionate love life, and successful careers. Tragedy strikes, sending Drake toward self-destruction and shatters his beautiful relationship with Amber. Then another tragedy strikes.

Traci Sanders has written an emotional short novel about human tragedy and relationships. She develops the main characters well and tells the sad story of a married couple dealing with personal tragedies. For her first novel aimed at grown-ups, it is a good start, and an enjoyable read. With some improvements in grammar, it would justify a higher rating.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy tragic romance novels.    9/8/14


Book Review of ‘Jazz Baby’ by Beem Weeks

5 Stars Review   Magnificent!

Jazz Baby is a story told by a poor white teenage girl growing up in Rayford, Mississippi, just across the river from New Orleans, in the mid 1920s. Her dream is to make it big in New York City as a jazz singer. The story brilliantly describes the life on the dark side of New Orleans: speakeasies, cathouses, drugs, sex, crime, racial issues, and jazz. It is told in the colorful, southern dialect, slang language of the south in that era, making it feel genuine and authentic.

Beem Weeks has written a great novel. It is an easy read, told from the perspective of the poor white girl, Emily Ann. He has developed a tragic lead character, surrounded her with a large cast of colorful support characters, and let’s her tell the story of jazz and dreams and sex and drugs and race and violence on the seedy side of New Orleans in the 1920s. It is nothing short of brilliant.

I strongly recommend this book to all.  9/4/14



Book Review of ‘Milele Safari: An Eternal Journey’ by Jan Hawke

4 Stars Review    Africa, genocide, survival, and hope

Jan Hawke has written a fictional story about Africa, its historical tragedies of genocide, and the survivors, both locals and expats. The story is told partially with snippets from the lead character’s diary, and partially using the third person narrative. It is not an easy book to read because of the tragic subject matter, and because it deals in detail with the psychological trauma’s of the survivors. The author explains that the story parallels events that actually happened in Africa, but places, people, and events have been fictionalized. Ms. Hawke’s personal knowledge of Africa, including the tragic genocides and the expat activities as aid workers, educators, medical personnel, and even drivers, and the safari industry allows her to write the story with incredibly detailed descriptions.

It is a powerful story about human tragedy, and the human will to survive and forgive. Ultimately, it is a story of hope, and new beginnings. It is a story about Africa, but unfortunately, the subject is much larger than just Africa. I recommend ‘Milele Safari: An Eternal Journey’ by Jan Hawke to anyone interested in Africa and/or the struggles of PTSD and other psychological problems. Additionally, it is a suitable read for anyone who is a romantic hopeful.    8/16/14


Book Review of ‘I’ve Loved These Days: Abigail Phelps, Book One’ by Bethany Turner

5 Star Review      Brilliant fictional memoir

Bethany Turner has written an outstanding story narrated by a fictional character, Abigail Phelps, who describes a life of delusions involving close personal relationships with a series of famous real people. In addition to Abigail, the main characters are Christopher Dean, Olympic gold medalist in ice dancing, George Clooney, and John F. Kennedy, Jr. Other supporting characters are Robert Redford and Tom Hanks.

Bethany Turner introduces Abigail Phelps by having her psychiatrist describe her mental health issues and then allows the psychiatrist to include his notes at the end of several chapters. This technique is a clever way to blur the line between fact and fiction, and delusions with reality.

Ms. Turner has crafted a fascinating story and demonstrated her excellent writing skills. I have given this book a much deserved, 5 Star rating. I strongly recommend ‘I’ve Loved These Days’ to all who enjoy reading about complicated relationships, romance, and twists of uncertainty involving reality versus delusions.  8/10/14


Book Review of ‘The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw’ by Suzy Turner

5 Star Review   Fascinating YA Paranormal story

Suzy Turner has written an amazing YA novel, the first in a planned series about the Morgan Sisters. The book follows two sixteen-year old sisters, Lana and Emma, who live on a small island off the coast of England. They each have strange experiences that they can’t understand until they go to London for a ‘work experience’. There they learn about and are initiated into an ancient, secret organization, Praxos Foundation, whose mission is to protect the innocent while fighting evil, both human and supernatural.

This book is well written, with great descriptions, and is done in a way that makes it incredibly believable. The author has a great imagination to create such a detailed, fascinating storyline. I strongly recommend ‘The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw’ as a YA novel. 8/6/14


Book Review of ‘Inside Room 913’ by Bruce A. Borders

5 Star Review     Bruce has done it again!

Bruce Borders has written another really good book that can be read in one sitting. The reason I start with that comment is to prepare you for the inevitable. You will not be able to put it down once you begin.

Cynthia Holt, an eighteen year old, goes to work at Parkview Manor, an assisted living facility, formerly Parkview Sanitarium, a former mental institution. She is given her job duties the first day of work, and informed that she is never to disturb the person in Room 913 and never to discuss Room 913 with any of the other employees or residents of the facility. Cynthia becomes obsessed with discovering the mystery of Room 913. Against instruction, and under threat of being fired, she learns many conflicting stories about Room 913 from other employees and residents. The story takes many twists and turns until it reaches the great final twist. Bruce Borders is a master storyteller, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense, an easy read, and a fascinating story.  8/4/14


Book Review of ‘Just Stay’ by Michelle Abbott

5 Star Review   Pia and Trey, What a love story

The first half of the book is told in the first person by Pia, the main female character. The second half of the book is told in the first person by Trey, the main male character. Not an easy thing to do. I would call it a tragic love story and an adult romance novel. Michelle Abbott does a great job of building the characters, including the supporting actors and actresses. She really gets inside the characters and makes them feel real. The story has a tragic hero and a young heroine who finds herself in a summer romance, as she is about to begin her “uni” life. A well told story and worthy of a 5 star review. I gladly recommend ‘Just Stay’ to anyone who likes adult romances.  7/20/14


Book Review of ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’ by Tamie Dearen

5 Star Review  A Great Tease

Steven Gherring, the most eligible bachelor who is a filthy rich businessman, almost fifty, and has never found a woman who is worthy of his lifetime commitment.

Gram, Steven’s ninety-five-year-old grandmother who wants him to get married.

Gary (Steven’s best friend).

Katie Carson, Steven’s executive assistant who plans to leave her job when she marries Gary.

Alicia Esparza, a beautiful, intelligent, up and coming politician who wants to form a relationship with Steven, maybe a marriage or maybe a mutually beneficial partnership.

Anne Best, a forty five year old lady who enters Steven’s life in an unexpected way.

Tamie Dearen has written a brilliant prequel “tease” for those of us who have not yet read her The Best Girls Series. She creates a group of very interesting characters and places them in clever relationships. Her descriptions and storyline are creative and well crafted. Even though this is not my normal genre of interest, Ms. Dearen did such a good job with this prequel I will read more of The Best Girls Series. This is the best endorsement I can give. I strongly recommend ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’.



Book Review of ‘My GRL’ by John W. Howell

5 Star Review  Great characters and thriller of a story

‘My GRL’ starts a little slow, but wow, did it move to warp speed at the end. I could not read fast enough to learn how it would finally end. This is a very well told story. John Howell does a great job developing an interesting cast of characters. Granted the lead character, John Cannon, is a little naïve for a successful lawyer from San Francisco, but he narrates a really good story. The combination of a great story and interesting characters set, by the author, in his well known settings combines into a really excellent novel by John W. Howell. I strongly recommend ‘My GRL’ to all.


Book Review of ‘Havoc’s Cry’ by Loren Weaver

5 Star Review My first paranormal book review: Awesome

Loren Weaver has introduced me to the paranormal genre. I had never read a book about werewolves, vampires, witches, and sorceresses, but now I can say I have read one and really enjoyed it. After reading the first chapter I almost quit, but something intrigued me about ‘Havoc’s Cry. By the end of the third chapter I was hooked and thoroughly enjoying learning about the paranormal. Unfortunately, I have no other paranormal books to use for comparison. But evaluating ‘Havoc’s Cry’ on its own merits warrants a five star rating. The book is well written, the character development and scene descriptions are very well done. The story is creative and moves along at a fast pace, and it is an easy read. What more could you want? Well done, Loren Weaver. I strongly recommend ‘Havoc’s Cry’ to all who are interested in paranormal, and anyone else who is curious or just wants to experience something new.


Book Review of ‘Four Pieces For Power’ by Marc Estes posted 7/8/14

5 Star Review Worldwide Conspiracy to control wealth and power

Marc Estes has created a well-written book dealing with a worldwide conspiracy to control wealth and power. In the style of Dan Brown, Marc weaves a tale about two men competing to head the global organization, Vendicatori. They must solve riddles and travel to Mexico and Italy to recover four stones that collectively will solve the puzzle and win the competition. It is a fast paced, entertaining story with good character development, scene descriptions, and lots of suspense. I would have preferred slightly less of the family subplot and more of the search, but that is a minor issue. Overall, this is a great first book of a series. I strongly recommend ‘Four Pieces for Power’.

Book Review of ‘Cornered Coyote’ by Dianne Harman posted 7/8/14

5 Star Review Fun Read

The third in the Coyote series, ‘Cornered Coyote’ may be the best (so far?). It focuses on Maria Brooks, who killed her deranged, genius, scientist husband in the first book of the series. She flees to France and falls in love with an American while he is visiting. She agrees to return to the U.S. believing she will not be prosecuted, but upon landing at LAX she is arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Ms. Harman has written another highly entertaining crime thriller with many twists and turns and a fascinating cast of characters. Her descriptions of those characters, the courtroom drama, the beachfront residences, and the torrid sexual encounters make for a very fun read. I highly recommend this book.

Book Review of ‘Heaven’s Waiting Room’ by Clare Wilson

5 Star Review A lot to think about

Clare Wilson’s novel ‘Heaven’s Waiting Room’ is a well-written story based on a very creatively imagined afterlife. It is either a very philosophical discussion about the concept of heaven and hell, or an interesting story about how a teenager, Portia, deals with death. The book proposes a scenario where the afterlife is divided among three groups; those above (heaven), those below (hell), and those who remain on earth (those in the middle). It addresses the issues of the importance of family and the importance of finding someone with whom you want to spend the rest of eternity.
I found ‘Heaven’s Waiting Room’ to be an enjoyable read. Ms. Wilson does a very good job of both telling a complicated story, and describing the scenes and characters of the book. Because of the subject matter, I believe the book may have a limited audience. Nonetheless, it a quality effort of a creatively crafted scenario, and deserves to be recognized with 5 stars. I strongly recommend this book.

Book Review of ‘Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend’ by Nonnie Jules

5 Star Review Potential NY Times Best Seller
Maiya James is a phenomenal lead character in a powerfully told story. Growing up poor in a dysfunctional home with an alcoholic mother, Daydream, and a sexually abusive stepfather, Duran Lee, plus five brothers and sisters in the projects of Houston, TX, she has one friend her own age, Charlotte, and is close to her grandparents, Dea and Papa J, and her god-mother G-Anne. After two pregnancies by her stepfather followed by abortions, her mother, in a drunken state, finally walks in on them, blames Maiya, and throws her out on the street. After moving in with her grandparents, who love her like her mother never did, they enroll her in a new high school for her senior year, which creates another set of emotional issues for her. She returns to her home and murders Duran Lee, is arrested, and agrees to a plea deal to serve 7 to 15 years in a minimum-security prison in the Texas State Penitentiary System. After one year in prison, being raped by another inmate and almost killed, her grandfather plans an escape for Maiya. She spends several years with a loving couple in southern California, and then moves back to Houston to see her grandparents one more time. She meets and marries a successful lawyer in Houston and has two children with him. At a party, her former warden recognizes her voice and has her arrested. I may have already said too much, so I will stop before I give away the ending.
This is a powerfully written story about the life of a teenage girl growing up in a poor, dysfunctional family where the unloving mother is an alcoholic, and the stepfather physically, emotionally, and sexually abuses her for years. The author has written a great story and describes Maiya’s life so well the readers can feel all her emotions. This quality of writing does not come along very often. It is definitely bestseller material. I highly recommend this book. Great job, Nonnie Jules.

Book Review of ‘Encryption’ by Bill Ward

5 Star Review A Great English Spy Thriller

This is a great book. The story is timely, important, and relevant. Not only does the author tell a great murder story involving spy agencies but he also addresses the moral issues and the privacy issues of the government’s right to monitor electronic communications for national security versus individual rights to privacy. On the surface the story is about a business executive Chris Hammond, the financial manager of a small software company, who is murdered one night in his home, in Brighton, England. Chris’s brother, Peter, lives in Rome and works for MI6, the British spy agency. He comes home to help Jenny, Chris’s wife, deal with the tragedy, and he begins his own investigation of the murder. The software company where Chris worked is in the final stages of development of an encryption technology that will secure Internet communications and prevent the NSA and England’s CGHQ from monitoring private citizens and corporations Internet communications.

Bill Ward does an excellent job of character development and links many of the characters together through past and present sexual relationships with Chris’s wife, Jenny. The author spends a lot of time describing the scenes of the book and the characters. But he keeps the story moving along, taking many twists and turns, and keeping the reader guessing.

This is a very well written book, about a very timely intelligence issue of the power of governments to use electronic surveillance for national security versus the right to privacy of private citizens.

I highly recommend this book.

Book Review of ‘Gossip’ by Clara Grace Walker

5 Star Review A Pleasant Surprise

When I decided to read and review “Gossip”, I thought it was a romance novel with a murder woven into the story. Not my typical genre, but I have begun reading books outside my comfort zone. I think a better characterization of “Gossip” is a murder mystery/suspense novel with a heavy dose of sex and romance.

Ms. Walker does an excellent job of describing her characters, who are a diverse group. And she writes a fast paced, entertaining story that is enjoyable to read. Overall, it has the feel of a daytime soap opera.

I enjoyed the story, and Ms. Walker’s writing deserves a 5 star rating. I highly recommend “Gossip”.

Book Review of ‘The Phoenix Project’ by D.M. Cain

5 Star Review The Story idea of ‘The Phoenix Project’ is very creative

D.M. Cain has written a very creative story about the future environment in England when terrorism and conflicts between the major world religions has lead to a totally different penal system, which includes prisoners being forced to fight other prisoners, where only one of the fighters survives. Raven, the lead character, has committed a terrible crime, which is not revealed until almost the end of the book. He believes that death is too easy a solution for his terrible act and turns to self-injury to punish himself. He befriends a female prisoner at Salverford prison, and she tries to help him save himself through religion. Later, he befriends another female prisoner, and again she helps him understand the importance of religion to his “freedom”. The story is very well written and the characters are very interestingly developed. The story moves along at a good pace, but slows a little before the final scenes.

D.M. Cain has written a deep, sensitive novel with focuses on life, death, and religion. I enjoyed the book and strongly recommend it.

Book Review of ‘Safety Hazard’ by Bruce A. Borders

5 Star Review Simply Great!

Bruce A. Borders has written a fabulously, entertaining story, ‘Safety Hazard’. His lead character, Wynn Garrett, an off-the-books assassin for a special group within the U.S. government, is a great character that Mr. Borders has developed in a series of books. He uses Wynn as a vehicle for his own wit, and does it very well. The story about terrorist who plan to bomb a new U.S. train is action packed with plenty of humor along the way to keep it light.

If you like thrillers with interesting characters put in cleverly developed situations, you will enjoy reading this book. I plan to read more of Bruce Borders’ books. I strongly recommend this book.

Book Review of ‘Dangled Caret’ by Hilary Grossman

4 out of  5 Stars by Kenneth J. Kerr Beautifully written true life story

I must begin this review stating clearly that this book is way outside my comfort level of genres. If there are chick flicks, this would be a chick book. However, I found ‘Dangled Caret’ easy to read and beautifully written. Hilary does a great job of describing her characters, and tells the story with humor and all the emotions that emerge when building a relationship. I particularly like the last chapter where she describes the lessons learned and the keys to their successful relationship. Finding the right balance between togetherness and individualism that meets the expectations for both parties in a relationship is the ultimate challenge. Many may try but few succeed.
Why did I not give this book a 5 star review? One reason. Unfortunately, the Kindle version has more than a few small grammar mistakes. However, I still highly recommend this book. As one of the other reviewers said, “it sparkles with humor and shines with wisdom.”


Book Review of ‘Superior Peril: Murder on 123 by Michael Carrier 5.0 out of 5 Stars by Kenneth J. Kerr  Excellent, exciting read This is the first book by Michael Carrier I have read. It won’t be the last. It was an enjoyable, exciting read. I love his cast of characters, who he masterfully describes. Jack Handler, the main character, who is a retired Chicago homicide detective. Jack’s daughter Kate, who is a homicide detective in New York City, and legal guardian of a fourteen year old boy, Red, who communicates by texting. And Sheriff Bill Green, the local sheriff in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where the crimes happen. I found the story cleverly told, fast paced, and captivating. I started the book in the morning intending to read for an hour or two, but finished it the same day. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys action packed detective mystery/suspense stories.

Book Review of ‘Pearseus, Year 18: The Schism Book by Nicholas Rossis

5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Prequel Review by Kenneth J. Kerr

New Year’s Eve 2099 the spaceship Pearseus, carrying celebrities and dignitaries, crashes on another planet. The spaceship captain survives and leads the other survivors in building a new civilization. When he dies (Year 18) the group struggles with the classic philosophical challenges: big government vs. small government, dictator vs. democracy, many strict laws rigidly enforced vs. few general laws open to interpretation and compassion by one or more judges, and the basic good vs. evil. Nicholas Rossis does an outstanding job with character development and describing the scenes of the story. He uses a very interesting and enjoyable style where he describes more than he uses dialogue to tell the story. It is very well written. One of the best short books I have read in a long time. I highly recommend this book.

Book Review of ‘The Reunion (Beneath the Trap Door) by Ms. A. A. Pencil

4 Star Review by Kenneth J. Kerr, Classic ‘who done it’ mystery with a twist

‘The Reunion’ begins by introducing each character as they arrive at their ten-year high school reunion, held in a large rented mansion. Then the story starts to get strange. A couple people mysteriously die, and then the doors and windows suddenly lock, trapping everyone inside the house. The participants begin killing each other in a strange series of events, and then comes the final twist in the plot. Ms. Pencil does a very good job developing the characters and she obviously has a talent building a somewhat bizarre plot. I recommend ‘The Reunion (Beneath the Trap Door)’ to anyone who enjoys a good, classic mystery with lots of blood and guts and a great unexpected ending.

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