Homeland is back!

The new season of Homeland started last week and guess what? They have a new character, Madam President. I wonder if they stole the idea from me? Maybe they were planning a Madam President in anticipation of Hillary being successful. Well that didn’t happen, but we can still enjoy Homeland with a woman president character. Looking forward to the new season. In between episodes, if you need something to read, try “The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)” by yours truly. Available on Amazon.

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Happy New Year everyone!


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To Hillary supporters

This will be short. If you are still looking for a gift for one of your friends, especially if he/she was a Hillary supporter, I have the answer. For only $2.99 on Amazon you can buy a copy of ‘The First Madam President’. Read how it might have been if she had won. Merry Christmas to all.

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Give Trump a chance

I created this blog back in 2014 as part of my digital strategy to promote my book(s), ‘Life of a Double Agent’ and ‘The First Madam President’. I enjoyed my “late in life” career as an author, but regrettably it did not prove financially rewarding. I used Facebook and Twitter to give my blog postings greater visibility, but that yielded only limited results.

So, today I am embarking in a new direction with my blog. I have always been interested in the political system in the U.S., as could be seen if any of you read ‘The First Madam President’. I will switch my writings from the fictional world to nonfiction, and begin commenting on political issues that hopefully will find a following.

The presidential campaign of 2016 highlighted several facts:

  1. An enormous number of Americans were unhappy with the direction the country was going under President Obama and chose a candidate with no government experience but who promised them a change in direction.
  2. The United States is deeply divided on many fundamental issues.
  3. The length of time for the state primaries and the presidential campaign is too long, too expensive and outdated, and should be modernized.

During the days and weeks and months ahead I will try to present a political issue and discuss the facts surrounding that issue and state my opinion on a solution for that issue. One of the things I have thought about a lot is how we should judge a solution to an issue. My primary test will be “Is it good for most Americans?”. Other yardsticks will be “Is it a cost effective solution?” Another is “Does it bring Americans closer together?”

This is a new beginning. I hope when you read this you decide to follow my blog for awhile to see if any of my thoughts provide a different perspective and are worthy of additional consideration. I am always open to feedback, both positive and negative. Until the next posting…..

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Book Reviews

I am an independent author who has written two books, “Life of a Double Agent” and “The First Madam President”. If you are also an independent author you may have been frustrated trying to get people to write book reviews of your book. I have decided to start a non-profit book review service to assist authors by reviewing their book(s). I will review all genres except erotica.

My preference is to do reciprocal book reviews. I will review your book if you will review one of my books. If your book is available on amazon.com as an ebook, and if the price of your book is $2.99 or less, then you buy my ebook and I will buy your ebook. If your ebook is more than $2.99 then I will send you an Amazon gift card for my book if you will send me an Amazon gift card for your book. My email address is kkerr19963@gmail.com. All you have to do is send me your email address and I will send you the gift card for my book.

If for some reason you don’t want to review my book then I will still agree to review your book if you simply send my a gift card for your book. My policy is that I will only post reviews of books that I can rate as 3 stars or higher. If my review can only give you a 1 star or 2 stars I will not post the review on Amazon, but I will send you my review by email. If you review my book and can only give it a 1 or 2 star rating, I prefer you not post the review but send it to me by email. The reason for this policy is that it is not helpful to have 1 or 2 star reviews posted on Amazon.

I will also post my review of your book on my blog, kkerr19963.wordpress.com, and any other sites of your choosing. If you would like to see some of the reviews I have already done, please visit my blog and read some of the reviews I have posted on the site.

Let’s help each other.




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