What is a wall

A wall is a symbol of security. It tells the world that the U.S. is a nation of laws. We are a welcoming nation. We are a nation of legal immigrants. During the last decade we have welcomed over a million legal immigrants each year. But, there is a process and rules to follow. Maybe we can improve that process, but we must have a way to screen people who want to immigrate to the U.S.

President Obama makes fun of Trump’s position on building a wall along our southern border. Does that mean President Obama is against security? I would not claim that, but that is the implication. Obama has a fence around the White House. That is a form of wall, and it is there for security. I would never suggest we tear down that fence, because, like it or not, there is evil in this world.

Mark Zuckerberg is against “the wall”. Is he against security? What about cyber security? Is he against that also? Obviously he is not.

Why does this issue have to be so political? Why can’t we agree that the security of our nation is important? Immigration is a good thing. It is who America is. Being against illegal immigration is not a bad thing.

I wrote a fictional book a couple years ago called “The First Madam President”. In that book one of the problems the President worked on was immigration. She was a democrat, and the republicans controlled the congress. She was against a wall. One of her advisors told her she would never get immigration reform passed if she could not find a way to address “the wall”. She decided the compromise was to offer to build a virtual wall. Instead of building a physical wall she would build a wall using technology. A satellite and the use of drones would provide a virtual wall combined with increased border patrol agents equipped with technology including more cameras to monitor the border. The republicans agreed to her virtual wall idea and a bill passed the congress and was signed by the President.

Solutions are possible. Let’s find a way to solve the illegal immigration problem. Security is a good thing.

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The Little Guy

This subject has been banging around in my brain for a couple days, trying to find a way out. What is it? Well, it is all the people who want to find a way to get something about themselves noticed. The Little Guy doesn’t have a bunch of money so advertising isn’t an option and hiring other people to help him isn’t an option.

Let me pause here and state clearly I am not advocating violence or bad behavior in any way.

I am an author. I am an independent author. I am a self published author. I am one of the thousand, and maybe millions, of people who have written a book or books and self published them. Luckily, with today’s digital technology, self publishing has become inexpensive (actually free) if you have basic computer skills or maybe slightly more than basic. Anyway, it is relatively easy and low cost to self publish a book, once you have written it. However, the trick is getting it in front of enough people to reap some reward, other than the self satisfaction of writing a book, which is not insignificant.

I did many of the things other self published authors go through. I did press releases, and got some articles published in newspapers about my book. I did book signings, and contacted some book clubs with some success. And I did the social media thing. I created this blog, I created Facebook pages for my books, and I spent way too much time on Twitter. I also searched the internet for sites that might be helpful, and found some. And, I worked on getting people to do book reviews and post them on Amazon and other sites.

I had some success with both of my books, but nowhere near my dreams. Thus, the question, how does The Little Guy get noticed? How does someone who has written a couple books, one (my first) with an interesting story but not very well written, and one (the second one) with a fascinating story and, with some professional advice and experience, a much better written book?

I have learned that in today’s world of social media, communications have changed. Basic communicating with the written word is relatively boring. Photos help add something to a basic written message. And video is a giant step beyond a still photo. The following may seem off message but bear with me. I am hooked on “House of Cards”, a TV type series that isn’t available on TV,  but is available on Netflix. The current season of this show pits President Underwood against a young governor in the Presidential election. The young governor is very social media savvy and uses a Web cam to communicate about everything.

This started me thinking. What if The Little Guy starts using a web cam to get his message out? My next blog posting just might be a web cam video about my second book, “The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)”. It is an incredibly relevant book considering our current Presidential election. And, it has some interesting twists to it, including a terrorist threat on Washington. Considering I wrote this book over two years ago, it is amazing how close it is to some of the happenings in the world today. I even had a Supreme Court Justice die (not of his own choosing). Check it out. You might find you like it. It’s available on Amazon.


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Dear Marco Rubio

Dear Marco,

I have an idea for you. Show your leadership by meeting with the other conservative Republican candidates and by forming a team to defeat Donald Trump. Here is the plan. Form a Republican senior leadership team by offering the following positions to your competitors.

Carly Fiorina -Vice President    Give her the responsibility of streamlining the government and building an efficient, smaller organization that is responsible and accountable for its actions.

Jeb Bush – Secretary of State

Treasury Secretary – John Kasich

Secretary of Defense – Lindsey Graham

Supreme Court Justice – Ted Cruz (to replace Justice Scalia)

If you can get all the above mentioned candidates to throw their support behind you, you can build a team strong enough to defeat Donal Trump. If you continue with the fractured approach, I am afraid Donal Trump will become the Republican Presidential nominee. Most of the Republican party has shown they don’t want Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee, but he has enough support to continue to win most of the individual primaries. We need to find a way to unite the non Trump majority behind one alternative – you. With one alternative to Mr. Trump you can consolidate the anti Trump electorate and win the Republican Presidential nomination.

Good luck.

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Confrontation versus Solutions

I originally created this blog to promote my books, that I self published. Occasionally, I may again write about the self publishing process and the experiences I had while writing, publishing and selling my two books, ‘Life of a Double Agent’ and ‘The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)’. But I will also use this blog to express some of my ideas about political issues and our political process. This is the first in that series of “political” commentary.

Unquestionably, our political process, at the national level, is dysfunctional. Many people, perhaps most people, are feed up with this dysfunctionality. Why are Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Bernie Sanders doing so well in their Presidential bids? I believe the primary reason for their level of success in the early polls is they represent something very different from the current politicians in Washington D.C.

I describe the current environment in Washington D.C. as political confrontation. The Democrats, lead by President Obama, demonstrate an attitude that they know the best answers to all our problems, and anyone who has a different idea is viciously attack as racist, homo-phobic, islam-phobic, anti-women, anti-immigrant, lacking compassion, and on and on. Some would say that the Republicans aren’t much better and are unwilling to do anything that does not meet their conservative principals. The result is a dysfunctional government that is unwilling to solve problems and find solutions that are good for our country.

The latest example is the issue of Syrian refugees. This is an enormous humanitarian crisis, and needs to be addressed. The U.S. (President Obama) has agreed to take, reportedly, 10,000 Syrian refugees. He claims we have a vetting process that will ensure that proper screening is done before allowing these refugees to come to the U.S. Some in his government, the FBI Director and intelligence officials, have voiced their concern about the lack of information that will make the vetting process unable to screen many (most) of the refugees. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has been able to draft a bill that passed the House with support of Republicans and many Democrats, but President Obama immediately said he would veto the legislation, and Harry Reed, the Senate Minority Leader says he will block the bill from even coming to the Senate for consideration.

The basic issue is simple. Should the U.S. have a screening process for immigrants, including refugees, wanting to come to the U.S? Some people may believe that the U.S. should be open to all immigrants, but I believe that is a very small minority of our population. The vast majority of Americans believe we must have a screening system. There are undoubtedly many opinions on what the screening criteria should be, but their must be a screening process.

Somehow, we must stop the political rhetoric on this issue coming out of Washington. I implore President Obama to stop making this a political issue, and LEAD the nation to a solution that is the best solution for America and supported  by a majority of Americans.

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‘The Bolivian Connection’ by June Finnigan


A book review of a new masterfully written romantic, suspense thriller.

June Finnigan has written a masterful romantic, suspense thriller, ‘The Bolivian Connection’, the second in her Joanne Wilde series. It is a fast paced, exciting read. Her descriptions of the characters and scenes in the castle and outdoor markets, bars and hotels in Bolivia are fantastic.

In Ms. Finnigan’s first book of the Joanne Wilde series, ‘My Father, The Assassin’, Joanne travels to Malaysia and learns her father, who she thought was dead, is not and had lead a secret life as a professional assassin. After her return to Devon, England she learns that a portion of her father’s secret life was spent in Bolivia. After his death, she is invited to Bolivia to hear the reading of his will and possibly inherit “the family business”, a worldwide network of assassins. What she learns and the people she meets make for a great story.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone. If enough people hear about it, ‘The Bolivian Connection’ has the potential to become a big hit and a best seller. 5 Stars!

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