Confrontation versus Solutions

I originally created this blog to promote my books, that I self published. Occasionally, I may again write about the self publishing process and the experiences I had while writing, publishing and selling my two books, ‘Life of a Double Agent’ and ‘The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)’. But I will also use this blog to express some of my ideas about political issues and our political process. This is the first in that series of “political” commentary.

Unquestionably, our political process, at the national level, is dysfunctional. Many people, perhaps most people, are feed up with this dysfunctionality. Why are Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Bernie Sanders doing so well in their Presidential bids? I believe the primary reason for their level of success in the early polls is they represent something very different from the current politicians in Washington D.C.

I describe the current environment in Washington D.C. as political confrontation. The Democrats, lead by President Obama, demonstrate an attitude that they know the best answers to all our problems, and anyone who has a different idea is viciously attack as racist, homo-phobic, islam-phobic, anti-women, anti-immigrant, lacking compassion, and on and on. Some would say that the Republicans aren’t much better and are unwilling to do anything that does not meet their conservative principals. The result is a dysfunctional government that is unwilling to solve problems and find solutions that are good for our country.

The latest example is the issue of Syrian refugees. This is an enormous humanitarian crisis, and needs to be addressed. The U.S. (President Obama) has agreed to take, reportedly, 10,000 Syrian refugees. He claims we have a vetting process that will ensure that proper screening is done before allowing these refugees to come to the U.S. Some in his government, the FBI Director and intelligence officials, have voiced their concern about the lack of information that will make the vetting process unable to screen many (most) of the refugees. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has been able to draft a bill that passed the House with support of Republicans and many Democrats, but President Obama immediately said he would veto the legislation, and Harry Reed, the Senate Minority Leader says he will block the bill from even coming to the Senate for consideration.

The basic issue is simple. Should the U.S. have a screening process for immigrants, including refugees, wanting to come to the U.S? Some people may believe that the U.S. should be open to all immigrants, but I believe that is a very small minority of our population. The vast majority of Americans believe we must have a screening system. There are undoubtedly many opinions on what the screening criteria should be, but their must be a screening process.

Somehow, we must stop the political rhetoric on this issue coming out of Washington. I implore President Obama to stop making this a political issue, and LEAD the nation to a solution that is the best solution for America and supported  by a majority of Americans.


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Author who published his first book, "Life of a Double Agent" in 2013 and his second book, 'The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)' in May 2014
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  1. Iva Welton says:

    Ken, Have you considered becoming a member of the Island
    Writer’s Network? They do get their books out there!
    The Heritage Library is having a book fair next November. Their first one, last fall, was very
    successful. It did not hurt to have Pat Conroy there! Call Linda Piekut at 843-686-6560


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