Sports versus Marriage

Kenneth J. Kerr

Seems like an odd title for a post, doesn’t it? Hopefully, as you read on you will see why I chose that title.

In May of this year, I published my second novel, ‘The First Madam President’. I believed the subject was timely and relevant, and I wanted to focus on the skills required to be President of the United States, whether the President is a man or woman.

More often than not, our system of government results in some level of split government. Sometimes one party holds the presidency and the other party holds the majority in one or both houses of Congress.

Initially, our current President, a democrat, had a slim majority of democrats in control of both houses of Congress. Unfortunately for him, he overreached in health care reform and his party lost control of the House of Representatives. That divided government continued into his second term, and many people believe the Republicans will gain majority control in both houses of Congress in the 2014 elections. That will make it even more difficult for one party to move legislation into law during the remaining two years of the President’s term.

I decided to show in my book, that the President can work with a Congress controlled by the other party, but the President needs to show his/her leadership skills to find a solution to a divided government. Obviously, it is not easy, but it can be done.

Let me briefly switch to a discussion about sports versus marriage. What skills and attitude are needed to be successful in sports? It requires the skills to win and the attitude that you can win. Regardless of the sport, winning is everything. There is no situation that I can think of, in any sport, where losing is the better alternative. There is no compromise. You either win or you lose. It is unrealistic to expect to win every time but the goal is to win and win and then win some more. In most sports, the person or team that wins the most during a season is considered the most successful.

Now, let’s look at marriage. What skills and attitude are needed to be successful in marriage? During a recent TV program, The Five, Dana Perino commented on the subject of marriage, and said (paraphrased), you have to learn not to be right all the time. The way she said it was greeted with laughter, but she couldn’t have been more correct. Marriage is a partnership between two people, where both people have an equal position. In most marriages if one of the parties is too dominant, the marriage will not be successful. The partners need to find ways to compromise and work together to be successful. This is very different from sports. In sports there is always a winner and a loser. In a successful marriage, the partners find compromises and ways to work together so there is no winner or loser.

The irony of this realization is that a Presidential candidate needs to have the attitude of a sports person during the election, but he/she needs the attitude of a marriage partner to successfully govern. Our current President won the election, but is failing in his marriage (governing). He wants to always be right. He seems unwilling to compromise and the result has been the gridlock we see in Washington.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t put all the blame on the President. The leaders in Congress need to approach their jobs also like they are in a marriage. It takes two people to find a compromise. If one is unwilling, it won’t happen. I fault the President primarily, because I think it is his duty to show the leadership required to find ways to reach compromises with the legislative branch.

I know I used a simplified approach in my book, but the concept is valid. It will be difficult to find compromises and build a consensus, but I truly believe that is what the American people want.

If you have not read my book, ‘The First Madam President’, I encourage you to buy a copy and give it a read. I tried to write it in a way that does not take sides as a Republican or a Democrat. I must have been successful, because one reviewer came to the conclusion that I was affiliated with one side, and his conclusion was wrong.

You can find the eBook at Amazon, Smashwords,, iBooks, and many other online bookstores for $2.99. The paperback is also available at Amazon and and a few other online bookstores, but can also be purchased directly from the author, personally autographed, for $15.00 (no shipping cost) by contacting the author at

The link to the book on amazon is




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Author who published his first book, "Life of a Double Agent" in 2013 and his second book, 'The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)' in May 2014
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