‘The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)’ published!

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Author Kenneth J. Kerr offers a timely political suspense story in his new, second novel

‘The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)’ by Kenneth J. Kerr

The United States has not had a woman president in 238 years. With the real possibility that it may happen in 2016, Mr. Kerr has chosen to write a fictional novel about this subject. He delves into the current atmosphere in Washington and many of the domestic issues facing our government. Let’s see how his fictional character, Carolyn Holliday, handle the job. Does she have the leadership skills to be successful? She is a Democrat and the Republicans control the Senate and the House of Representatives. Will she face four years of gridlock, or will she find ways to move the country forward?

Her presidency becomes even more challenging when she must face a scandal in her administration that could destroy her. A retired San Francisco police officer commits suicide, but did he really? A senior Senator dies of an apparent heart attack, but was it from natural causes? The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also dies of an apparent heart attack. FBI Agent Mike Sewell’s gut doesn’t feel right, and he launches an unofficial investigation.

And, of course, all Presidents need a terrorist threat. This time, Al Qaeda is targeting the United States again, seeking revenge for the brutal death of their leader, Osama bin Laden, and they have a plan. Several dirty bombs detonated simultaneously around Washington will do physical damage, but the psychological damage will be devastating. Will the CIA be able to stop the attacks in time? Ann Hunt, daughter of Jim Hunt, who told his own story in ‘Life of a Double Agent’, leads a team of analysts at the CIA who track Al Qaeda’s activities. Can she and her team connect the dots in time to stop the dirty bomb attack?

Timely, relevant, and insightful into the challenges of leading the government of the United States, regardless of whether the President is a man or a woman. The exciting plot follows three story lines simultaneously. It is a fascinating, entertaining read.

Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite said in her review, “You can tell that ‘The First Madam President’ is both well researched and entertainingly written – for me that is the perfect combination of writing”

The First Madam President
(and the dirty bombs)
by Kenneth J. Kerr
Publication Date: April 26, 2014
Published by Kenneth J. Kerr at KDP
and Smashwords
Currently available as an e-book at amazon.com, Smashwords.com, and several other online bookstores


About kkerr19963

Author who published his first book, "Life of a Double Agent" in 2013 and his second book, 'The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)' in May 2014
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