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I became a member of the Twitter nation around the middle of April 2013. I had recently published my first book, ‘Life of a Double Agent’ and planned to use social media platforms to build awareness of my book. From my first tweet in the middle of April, I have steadily built my group of followers. As of this writing I am nearing 1900 followers, and I have posted over 10,000 tweets and re-tweets. It is difficult to know the exact demographics of my followers but the vast majority (probably 90% or more) are other independent authors. 

During the summer months, I have gotten to know some of the followers to the point where we regularly re-tweet each other’s tweets. In some cases, I have read their books and written reviews for their books. The following are some of the books I have read and reviewed: 

            “Deadly Election” by Arthur Crandon

            “A Sojourn in Hell” by Roberta Goodman

            “Sihpromatum” by Savannah Grace

            “Blue Coyote Motel” by Dianne Harman

 For different reasons, all of the above books received 5 Star reviews from me. My reviews and others for these books can be read by visiting the book sites on I encourage anyone who reads this posting, who is willing to take a chance on an independent author, to buy one or more of these books and see what some of the new authors are writing. You will not be disappointed. 

With some help and guidance for a month from a social media publicist, I have continued to build my followers, made my tweets somewhat more personalized, and built a core of followers who re-tweet many of my tweets. I also regularly re-tweet many of my follower’s tweets.

 The science, or art, of measuring the success of Twitter is less than many business people would like. Clearly Twitter has built brand awareness for my book, ‘Life of a Double Agent’. Has it lead to sales of the book? I have no way to judge that level of success. If Twitter were the only social media platform I use, then the measurement would undoubtedly be somewhat easier. But with the combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my blog, I will have to settle for less direct measurement of results, and have faith that all these platforms are moving the awareness upward, and eventually will result in higher sales. 

The good news is that, as August comes to a close, it has been the best sales month so far. 

I would enjoy hearing from other Twitter users, independent authors or other business people, who are using Twitter as a tool to build brand awareness and sales, and who would like to share their experiences and ideas for successful use of Twitter.


About kkerr19963

Author who published his first book, "Life of a Double Agent" in 2013 and his second book, 'The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)' in May 2014
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