My Career Background and Jim Hunt

I was fortunate to spend over half of my business career working internationally. For a few years I traveled overseas from a base in the United States, and then I spent nine years living overseas in Hong Kong and Tokyo, Japan. That experience gave me the basis for the businessman part of the main character.

Jim Hunt, in Life of a Double Agent is really a combination of three characters. He simultaneously leads three interwoven lives. His first “life” is that of a very normal person, like most of the people I have known throughout my life. He goes to college in the 60’s, works hard to get a degree and serves in the military for two years, one of those years in Vietnam. After his military service he has a thirty-year career working for a large multi-national corporation, many of those years involved in the international side of business. After retiring, he joins a smaller company focused on the development of “green” energy projects, again mostly overseas. Later, he joins the Peace Corps as a volunteer teaching business courses in Russia.

Many of my personal life experiences were the inspiration for Jim Hunt’s “normal” persona.

Behind his public image, Jim Hunt leads two additional lives. He works as a secret agent for China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) helping them understand the world of international business from an American perspective, and assisting them in their industrial espionage activities. For almost forty years the Chinese believe he is simply an international businessman. What the Chinese don’t know is that Jim Hunt had joined the CIA while in college, and is continuously feeding the CIA intelligence about the inner workings of China’s MSS.

The main character’s secret personas in CIA activities and China’s Ministry of State Security activities are based on research and my imagination.


About kkerr19963

Author who published his first book, "Life of a Double Agent" in 2013 and his second book, 'The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)' in May 2014
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