“Life of a Double Agent” – The power of Social Media

New author, Kenneth J. Kerr just published his first book, in the espionage/thriller genre like Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Lee Child, etc. The e-book is only $3.99, paperback $19.99, and hard cover $29.99. Visit his website, http://www.lifeofadoubleagent.com to read a synopsis, an excerpt, the author bio, and to Order the book online. 

The purpose of this blog posting is to think out loud about the power of social media, specifically Facebook. The key to successful marketing is to get your product in front of the audience that might buy your product. So, the first question is, “Who is the audience for “Life of a Double Agent?” Once you know the audience, then you must find a way to get the product in front of them.

“Who is my audience?”

1. People who own a kindle, a nook, an I-Pad, or other tablet devices.

2. People who like to read suspense, thrillers, or espionage books.

3. People who read Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Lee Child, David Baldacci, etc.

4. People who like books about the CIA.

5. Vietnam Veterans

6. Retired Peace Corps Volunteers

7. People who have lived or traveled to Asia

8. People who like to be entertained with a good, easy to read fictional novel.

I have no way of estimating the size of my defined audience, but I am sure it is more than a million. The size is not a problem, but getting the product in front of the audience is the challenge.

That brings me to Facebook. I have just over 100 friends on my Facebook page. I would estimate that most frequent users of Facebook have at least 100 friends, many have lots more than 100, but let’s use the number of 100 friends for the sake of my example. If I send a message to all my friends and they send the message on to their friends, then we have contacted 10,000 people, ignoring the issue of duplicate friends for now. If those friends of friends send the message to their friends, then the message has been seen by 1 million people. Let’s say the duplicate issue reduces the number in half, that is still a half million people seeing the message. Then the question comes what percent of those half million people fit the categories of people who might buy my book? 50%? 25% 10%, who knows, but it is still a lot of people.

Now, let me share with you a test I conducted recently. I created a fan page for my book, and sent a message to all my friends asking them to visit the fan page and click “Like” on the page. After about two weeks, only one third of my friends have “Liked” my fan page. They either don’t like the page, which is doubtful, or they haven’t seen the posting because they haven’t used Facebook recently, or they just couldn’t be bothered to do what the message asked. So, the math of the equation changes, if a smaller percentage of friends respond to a simple request. Let’s say 33% of 100 friends will send a message to their friends. That gets to 3,300 people plus the original 33. Then let’s say that 33% of the friends of friends send the message to their friends. That gets to 110,000 additional people, for a total of 113,333. Now if 33% of all those people can be convinced to buy the book, that would generate 36.667 sales. So we need to get to the next level of friends or friends of friends of my friends. If we could get to that next level, using the 33% principle, then we would get to over 3 million people and if 33% fit the described audience, then we could get over 1 million book sales.

The theory is interesting, but in reality, it is hard to pass a message through four levels of friends. You must have something really interesting to create the interest in having your friends and their friends help you in promoting your book. I just got my one minute video for my book. I am really excited about it, and the few friends who have seen it so far also seem to be really excited about it. Do you think that maybe I can get a message about my new video sent by my friends to their friends and then again to the next level of friends? Time will tell.


About kkerr19963

Author who published his first book, "Life of a Double Agent" in 2013 and his second book, 'The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)' in May 2014
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